Passive Real Estate Investing

Investing in single family homes within the Phoenix, Arizona metro.

About Us

We're a small, nimble, and successful team that has purchased, rented and sold millions ($) in single family rental properties.

We partner with a small and select group of investors seeking to invest passively in Arizona real estate.

Our values are as follows:

  • We pay our investors first. Our investors are paid 8% before we pay ourselves.

  • We invest alongside our investors to ensure we have skin in the game.

  • We communicate frequently and transparently. Expect a monthly email update -- no exceptions.

  • We only purchase homes that we would live in ourselves -- no slumlording.

  • We treat our tenants with respect by responding to issues quickly and respectfully. We expect the same from our tenants.

Our Strategy

We focus on value-add single family foreclosures. Our criteria is as follows:

  • Purchase all-cash at a discount > 20% to market

  • Make mostly cosmetic updates (paint, flooring, counters, etc.)

  • Stabilize property by placing a tenant on 12-month lease

  • Add 15-year mortgage to property at < 75% LTV

  • Minimum cash flow > 10% Cash On Cash Return

  • Hold 5-7 years

  • Sell property to deliver investors IRR > 15%

Why Arizona?

  • Growing, desirable city

  • Landlord friendly

  • Newer homes

  • Large applicant rental pool

  • Reasonable property taxes

  • Reasonable property insurance

  • Minimal repairs and maintenance

  • Predictable weather

  • Unlikely to experience a natural disaster

  • Minimal landscaping

  • Affordable licensing fees

The sum of these result in lower vacancy, lower expenses, less management demand and less bureaucracy -- and these result in a higher quality investment.

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